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And Kip with facial is even hotter.

Kip gets fucked for the first time by friend and former co-worker, Andrew Collins over at Bait Buddies studios. Well worth seeing.

A sexy hunk lying on his back with his legs up, bare-feet dangling and butt and hole exposed and ready for the taking is always a visual worth seeing. N’est pas?

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WINNER Best Scene of the Week

Adam Killian, Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen
Original Sinners Scene #4 filmed in Costa Rica

This is why I GLADY… . .GLADY pay my monthly fee to www.lucasentertainment.com and will continue to do so. As stated earlier, this scene was unanimously selected by all of us as truly the BEST SCENE OF THE WEEK, hands down. You get butts, holes, heels, soles, #superfecta fucking, Adam Killian and fantastic directing.

When Adam, Wagner and Diego start off fucking, they all have shoes on. The Podo in me panics. AND when they start fucking they are doing so from a side view. The Pygo in me also panics. I’m like — “oh no”. Butt NEVER fear with a Lucas Entertainment release. It’s as if Team Lucas reads your mind. Almost as quickly as the fucking starts, Adam is either told or senses something isn’t quite right and immediately starts removing everyone’s shoes! Feet are popping out of shoes from every angle. And get this — Adam also begins to pivot both his body and Diego’s from a side-view shot to a #superfecta shot WITHOUT missing a single thrust of his meaty beefy round muscular butt. Remember he is the Prince of the Golden Globes.

Most of my porn is viewed from my laptop. Butt this is a movie I will happily purchase from Priape without hesitation. If you are a true pygophiliac then this movie — this scene is definitely for you. Diego’s bubble butt gets stuffed by both Adam’s and Wagner’s cocks. Wagner’s butt is impressive and Adam’s butt is on full display (that alone is worth seeing this scene). And if you are a true podophiliac, again this movie is without question one you’ll want to see now, next year and surely five years from now. It’s so hard to find scenes that remember to include feet shots. This scene doesn’t disappoint. Feet are all over the place. In fact there is too much eye-candy in this scene.

I was worried about this being an outside sex scene. Issues come into play such as time of day, white balance, etc. Butt Team Lucas knows what they are doing. No glare or obstructions. Just a clear view of butts, holes, heels and soles.


Adam Killian, Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen
Original Sinners Scene #4 filmed in Costa Rica

WINNER Best Scene of the Week

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Date Night Facial

I will never forget this facial for as long as I live. And I don’t remember it specifically for what’s happening on the screen (even though it’s very hot). I will always remember this scene because I saw it on a date by accident.

During university I met this grad student and he lived off campus. He was getting his Ph.D. (actually a Sc.D) in something. Butt I do remember he had an AMAZING bubble butt. He was kinda shy and geeky butt hot. I went over to his place to pick him up and he wasn’t quite ready and told me to wait for him and he gave me the remote and a root beer. So I sat down and fumbled with the remote to turn the TV on and you guessed it… . .this DVD started playing.

He didn’t figure it out right away but when he heard the “audio” he immediately joined the track team and sprinted in to shut everything down. His face was bloodshot. Before things could get awkward, I jumped up and kissed him immediately and told him:

"all that did was make me want you more"

When we got back from our night out, I certainly wanted to give him a pearl necklace butt I wasn’t that brave at the time. I had fun with his bubble butt though. Wonder where he is today?

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Josman is definitely a creative and talented artist.


Josman is definitely a creative and talented artist.

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Kip’s Butt

OK it’s not a bubble butt…granted. Butt I so want in there.

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Landon Conrad

I won’t post too much about these scenes yet because I have a feeling possibly both might make it to becoming Nominees for Best Scene of the Week. We start the process of choosing tomorrow. So I have to wait for everyone to have their say. Butt it would seem Landon Conrad is heating things up over at Hot House (as if things aren’t already hot over there).

The bottom three pics are of Landon in a great #superfecta scene with Jeremy Stevens. And the top three are of Dr. Trenton Ducati prepping to explore Landon sexy pale bubble butt.

Excellent butt shots and feet/sole/heel shots throughout both scenes — so Pygos and Podos… . .have at it. Hot House is definitely worth the membership if the scenes continue to showcase butts, holes, heels and soles.

Looking good Landon, Jeremy, Trenton and Team Hot House!

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